Stress Free Aso Ebi

Bridal stress ends here. We make it easier to source, purchase and design aso ebi outfits for your guests on your special day. Yes, you get to sit back and relax while the magic unfolds.


Unique and Trendy Fabrics

The variety of fabrics and textiles that exist for aso ebi are diverse and expansive. From cotton lace to sequins, aso ebi fabrics can run the gamot and incorporating tribal customs into your fabric selection can be a daunting task.

With VIP ASOEBI, we help eliminate that stress by making fabric selection simpler. You will have the option to choose from our curated fabric catalogue based on the color palette of your choosing.


Cutting-Edge Designs

Wearing aso ebi is all about showing support to the celebrants…and it’s an opportunity to make a fashion statement! The options are endless when it comes to designing aso ebi outfits; we speed up this process by offering in season designs that your bridal party or guests can simply select from or customize.


Secure, Speedy and Efficient Delivery

The stress of money and measurement collection, rogue fabric delivery, bad tailors and “excess baggage” fees from your Auntie’s last trip to Nigeria are over. We offer an end-to-end service that makes it easy for aso ebi participants to purchase their outfit  and have a completed outfit delivered to them from a pre-vetted tailor — all  without you raising a finger.

Get Aso Ebi Without The Wahala

Our platform makes it insanely easy to kickoff your aso ebi process without all the hassle and stress. Simply submit your event details, timeline and pick a fabric. We handle the rest.